Thesis Project was Accepted

Yesterday, my Grad. school accepted my proposal for a thesis project. Things are starting to fall into place. Kinda scary how I was NEVER this close to achieving my final goal.
But more importantly, my new daughter (6 weeks old) slept from 8:30pm-2:30am took a 45 minutes feed and slept from 3:30am-6:30am. We were having a very hard time with her sleeping until we came up with the idea that the formula was not agreeing with her and switched.
Lets keep our fingers crossed that this was not a fluke.

Congrats! That’s a huge hurdle! I remember when my step mom was trying to get her thesis proposal accepted - it was like beating her head on the wall. Hats off to you!
Oh, and I’m way jealous about your daughter! My son woke up every hour for over two years. Ugh. Finally slept through the night at age 2.5 yrs. Sleep - what a wonderful thing!!

I spoke too soon about my daughter. She is not very consistant with her sleeping patters. My oldest slept through the night at 10 weeks, I am hoping to repeat my results.