This Might Be A Potential Weird Question Re: Upper Level Bio

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a little on the high-strung side of things.

Even though I already have a degree, I decided that I wanted to finish my BS in biology, since I only needed this one last semester. So, this final semester, I’m taking histology (5 credits), microbiology (5 credits), what my school calls “senior seminar” (basically a senior thesis–3 credits), and a rather idiotic computer science class that spends about a month teaching you do do Microsoft Office and then the rest of the time writing a research paper in a group (3 credits), and I’m a TA for my first professor when I came back to school, because I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it was not for him (1 credit, pass/fail).

Anyway, the class that’s driving me nuts at the moment is histology. We have a total of eight tests, four written and four practical, that each count for 12.5% of our grade. The professor does curve, but not until the end of the semester. Anyway, while I didn’t do spectacularly on the first four tests, I did manage to beat the average, but the most recent the two parts of test 3 really knocked me for a loop. I know I’ll need histology for med school, and so I don’t want to give up, but part of me worries that if I don’t even up doing well, any acceptances that I get might be rescinded, even though this application cycle has all of my pre-req grades.

I e-mailed the professor for her advice, but haven’t heard back yet, and I was wondering if the collective OPM wisdom had any advice.

And I should probably point out that my husband, who puts up with me a lot more than he should, thinks, as ever, I’m worried about nothing.

I am grateful for any and all advice, encouraging or otherwise, just so I can steel me self.

Thanks for listening.

I am pretty sure that as long as you receive a C or better, the school will not rescind an acceptance. Like your husband, mine is also extremely supportive and needs to calm me down all the time.

Best of luck and hope to hear good news soon.

Well, even though I did bomb part of the test, I ended up doing okay on the other side. I think the worst case I could end up with is a C (assuming I don’t also bomb our last test), so there’s that, at least.

It just bums me out because this is the first biology class that I haven’t kicked butt in (the other being ecology, a class that bores me, but that was a B-), and I really, really like this professor.

She did tell me she thinks I am more than capable of doing really well on the final test and ending up with a good grade, so with most of my extensive work for my other classes done, I can focus on this.

I’m just scared because I felt like I was so close to getting there against all the odds, and then feeling like it’s about to slip through my fingers.

Thanks for the advice, though. I needed to hear it.