Thought you'd like a peek into my life

Hopefully this link works. Not sure how to attach pictures yet, but this is my youngest opening presents at his first birthday party this week. He’s my last so I was a tad sentimental about the whole thing.

Sorry if this isn’t posted in the gallery, for some reason it was being wonkey.

very cute picture! I’m glad that you shared!

That’s great Susan…I just now noticed your first name is on your sig. I will use that from now on…BTW-I think most of us would be sentimental…!

No problem Maddux, I figure, I keep the handle the same so I don’t have too many log ins to remember (though on this forum it does feel a bit strange) and allow people to use my first name as they see fit.

Susan, how adorable! I absolutely think the sock monkey hat is fabulous!


Thanks avery. He loves socks. And adores monkeys so I figured a sock monkey would be great. He doesn’t like the big one I made though. He throws it at me.