Thoughts and prayers for Denise's loss


I know words can’t help a lot right now, but know that you and your family are in Zane and my thoughts and prayers as you say goodbye to your father.

Sending you and yours warmest thoughts and best wishes, Denise.

Thank you both. For those who haven’t heard, my father passed away peacefully in his sleep last night after being ill for several years. My family is relieved to know he is at peace and passed away without pain.

You’re in my thoughts as well, Denise.

Denise, I am sorry for your loss and very grateful for his peaceful passage. I know he has struggled tremendously over the past several years and I am glad to know that his struggle is over. I hope your mom will be OK.


I am saddened by your loss & please know that you & your family are in our thoughts & prayers.

I am new to this site. I saw where your dad passed away. I am so sorry. what you are feeling I can truly feel. My mom passed away on October 20th 2008 at 54 years of age. I know she is in a better place and not struggling to breath anymore. I was not at her side when she passed. There was an angel there though a Nurse who prayed over her before she took her last breath.