Tibial Tubercleplasty

No more damage was done by my walk but when I asked if putting weight on it could do more damage I got a very curt, “Yes and you know that.” reply.
It is so hard to stay still – anyone else have that problem? huh.gif

Well, I'd be really curious to know more about the procedure and the reasons for it - sounds awfully interesting.

I don't think I ever responded to this part. What my doc did was a tibial tubercle plasty where they cut the tibia to elevate the tibial tubercle. This changes the amount of pressure and placement of said pressure on the patella. Apparently, they often shift this either medially or laterally but mine was just elevated so that aspect wasn't changed that much. This was done because I had damage to the cartiledge of my knee and it was really painful. The good thing is that from what I have read this works best on younger patients who are active and I think I fit in that group. (if I didn't say this already, the xrays are on www.alysonchadwick.com).
Bad thing is I fell and now it's all swollen again.

This is one very good day! I was given the green light to remove the brace this morning! Yay! rolleyes.gif