Timeline and decision making difficulties!!

Hi everyone!

I graduated 2015 from UC Berkeley. My science GPA is a 2.87 and my CUM w/ all other is 3.33. The reason why my BCPM is so low is because I failed math my sophomore year. During this year, I was severely depressed and affected by matters back home at the same time my learning disability was really getting the best of me given the more challenging environment :frowning: . I retook the class and got a B+; however this F is still being accounted for. I got a job after college to help my family. I work at an Ophthalmic research center as a lead ocular disease evaluator, and I volunteer at a needle exchange clinic on the weekends. Recently, I applied to a post-bacc program that would start in January 2018. However, I have been paired up with a fellow to write an abstract for conference submission. The only way I can be sponsored for this conference is if I remain an employee until conference date (late april-early may). What do i do?!? I know my GPA is what deters me from applying to medical school, thus my urgency to get into a post bacc program is very much real. But this conference is a big deal and I have been chosen due to my knowledge and experience. I have not taken the MCAT yet and I was planning on self-studying. Should I study and take the MCAT and just apply for the next cycle of post baccs so that i may attend this conference? Ive just been feeling like I am constantly postponing my future.

I answer this on tomorrow’s podcast (10/4)!

Thank you so much for discussing my question! It did a lot to vocalize/map out where these two choices can take me. I have decided to go for the research opportunity! Like you said it is a difference of 9 vs 10 years in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been working in research for quite some time, and it will be nice to have a concrete example of my hard work via publication. As for the GPA, I did have a couple slip ups with a C here and there doing prereqs the same year I received my failing grade.

P.S. you got it right, I am a SHE! Huge fan of your podcast :slight_smile: