Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to get a general idea if I am on the right timeline to get into Med School by 2007?
I have already taken Gen Chem I w/lab, Gen Phys. I w/lab, and Gen Biol. I w/lab in the spring of 2003. I am planning on going back in the summer of 2005. Hopefully, I will be able to take Gen Chem II w/lab, and Gen Biol. II or Gen Phys. II.
Fall 2005- Organic Chem I w/ lab, Gen Biol. II or Gen Phys II depending which one I get in the summer. Also I will probably take Biochem. or some other science class during this time.
Spring 2006- Organic Chem. II w/lab and another science class (ANY SUGGESTIONS to which class will help with the MCAT???) During this time I plan to take the MCAT in April and begin the application process.
Some concerns.
If I take the MCAT in April will I be able to apply for med school during that summer?
When will I get the results back from the MCAT?
And finally the most important question, is the timeline correct for getting into med school for 2007.
Thank you for all the help, Shane

Yes, if you take the MCAT in April 2006, then you will apply for medical school (application opens sometime around June) to begin in Fall 2007.
Science classes that might help you prepare some for the first year of medical school include anatomy, physiology, or immunology.

MCAT scores generally take about 60 days to be released. So - typically, middle of June. I believe you can actually start working on your AMCAS sometime in April, but the first day to submit it is June 1. Some people submit June 1, many wait until they get MCAT scores back. Contrary to what many people think, you do NOT have to submit the AMCAS on June 1. Obviously, the earlier the better, so you can get secondaries done and get an early interview.

Mary wrote an excellent post prior to the application season this year. If I can find it, I will add it to this post later.

Hopefully, if your school has a decent pre-med advisor, they can help guide you through the process.


Adding the link - Mary’s application post

Hopefully, that works. Also, check out the FAQ section. You might have to go back a couple of pages, but there is a timeline there, as well.