Timing is Everything

It seems like only yesterday that I joined OPM and in a few short weeks I’ll be halfway done with my prereqs, all A’s so far, let’s hope I can continue that trend.

I’m a firefighter paramedic here in GA taking my prereqs at a 4 year private university. By Summer, I will have completed Gen Chem I and II, Bio I and Physics I and their respective labs.

Here’s my game plan, any sage words of wisdom would be appreciated! I’m taking the Summer off (mostly due to work scheduling and lack of availability of prereq classes in Summer) to get my letters of recommendation and my personal statement in order. I would also like to do some EMS research as I feel I’m in a good position to do so. I’m also going to begin studying for the MCAT verbal and gen chem on my own. In the Fall it’s orgo I and Physics II, and in the Spring I’m going to take Bio II and Orgo II as well as a the Kaplan “On Demand” (3 month internet) MCAT prep course. The goal is to take a May MCAT with a June application in mind.

There isn’t anything I can really do about the class timing, but as far as the MCAT in May and the application in June, any words of wisdom? I’m planning to take a lot of time off that semester, I can also study a lot at the fire station.

Best wishes,



Congrats on being close to rounding the bend on your pre-med coursework and maintaining A’s. Impressive work!

With respect to your plan, it sounds solid to me. O-chem can be tough and require a lot of time, so it may be that you will need to push of the MCAT. But if you’ve got the time to study, which it seems you’re planning on making, it is definitely doable.

Best wishes as you continue on the course!

Your plan sounds reasonable. Because there is always some confusion about when to take the MCAT, and when to apply, remember:

  1. Take the MCAT when you are most well-prepared (but no later than the middle of August of the year that you are applying).

  2. Apply in June whether or not you have taken the MCAT yet. You do not have to wait to submit an application post-MCAT. (There is a rumor that says you can’t submit your AMCAS application until you’ve taken the MCAT. That’s not true.)