Tips for starting a Pre Med Program

So I just got the acceptance letter to the post bacc pre med program at Loyola University Chicago, and if I accept, I will start in May. (Yay!) Anyone have any tips, tricks, advice for officially starting my journey in a formal post bacc program?

Hi there,

I am currently in my second semester of the post bacc program at Loyola chicago and although I haven’t been there long I would be more than happy to chat with you about it and I can certainly recommend professors.

What are you thinking of taking first semester? Feel free to message me if you like, and Congrats!!


Congrats Indie!

My advice, for what it’s worth…

Enjoy every moment.

Submerge yourself in the culture of science, don’t just read about it.

And, most importantly, never wake a sleeping professor.

Again, congrats man!

Congrats, Indie!

Me too me too! I’ll be starting with you. Chem and Bio?

Congratulations! Use Khan Academy to brush up on the basics, and come to the OPM conference in June… other than that, just have a blast! It will definitely go by in a flash!

ekokkinos, yup I am. So you’re going to loyola as well?

carrieliz, I would but I don’t have the money to get down there