TMDSAS experience?

Has anyone navigated the Texas med school application system?

I’m an alumni of University of Texas (MA, 2012) and though I don’t have current Texas residency I am going to apply to a few schools because I’m an alum and because my husband and I want to move back to Texas. While I’m not counting on anything, I’m still going to give it a try. My pre-med advisor isn’t very familiar with the process as I’m currently on the east coast. Any insight?

Also, hook 'em horns!

It’s like AMCAS or AACOMAS, it just asks more questions and is generally a little bit more annoying.

Those schools are supposed to be excellent though, so it’s certainly worth going through if you have solid stats, maybe not if you don’t. Nonresidents certainly have a much harder time getting in there.

I applied through TMDSAS this last cycle. It was relatively painless and much less expensive than AMCAS or AACOMAS. I have pasted below the residency requirements.

"To qualify for Texas residency for tuition purposes, a student must pursue reclassification through one of the routes:

  1. Graduation from a Texas high school preceded by 36 months of physical presence.
  2. Previous classification as a Texas resident by a previously-attended institution of higher education in Texas, without a tuition waiver.
  3. Establishment of Domicile and Physical Presence.

    Additional details are as follows for each:
  4. An admitted applicant or current students must be able to submit an official high school transcript with a degree or degree-equivalent posted on the transcript. The transcript should demonstrate physical presence for 36 months preceding graduation by way of enrollment.
  5. An admitted applicant or student who claims Texas residency based on previous classification as such at another institution of higher education in Texas must indicate this in the official Residency Questionnaire. Classification of Texas residency without a tuition waiver will be verified with that previous institution’s registrar staff or other designated residency officials.
  6. Under the “Domicile & Physical Presence” approach, a student must meet BOTH of the following requirements (A & B) for 12 consecutive months PRIOR TO the census date of your term of enrollment."

    Hopefully that helps. Good luck to you!

Thanks to both of you!

I can’t remember if I had a waiver or not for my MA degree, I just know I was considered an in-state student. I will investigate that ASAP because that could be good news.

It is great news if you are considered a resident. Public/State schools are required by law to set aside 90% of their seats for Texas residents. Just in case you were not aware, TMDSAS open May 1 and schools here utilize a rolling admission. I applied late due to a computer malfunction during my first MCAT and could not secure a second seat until September (which is why I’m reapplying this cycle). So try and get your application in and complete as soon as possible. Another plus for us Texas residents is the tuition, its actually affordable!

I saw in another post that you are taking the new MCAT this month, good luck to you! I would love to hear how the new exam is compared to the old. Again all the best!