To Audit or Not to Audit?

I will be taking Chem 1 during the upcoming winter term (Jan 3-Jan 26) I will be taking the course at my undergraduate college, where I took the same course 20 years ago earning an A. My dilemma is do I audit the course or take it for credit? There is a substantial difference in cost $550 to audit, $2100 for credit. I have talked with several med schools who have no problem with me auditing the course given my background of multiple previous science courses. I am taking the course, not to earn a grade, but to master the material to prepare for the MCAT and additional chem courses. I am taking vacation in order to be able to take the course. In addition, I will be away from my family so motivation is not an issue. I am leaning toward auditing for obvious reasons. Any thoughts?

If the med schools that interest you don’t care, don’t throw the extra money away. That’s my take on it.

As it turns out the audit or not to audit was the least of my concerns. The 3.5 week condensed chemistry course (14 weeks of material)that I was registered for has not met yet due to classes being cancelled all week because of horrific winter weather. Thus, the 3.5 week class is now 2.5 weeks. I decided that it was not wise to take a full semester of chem in 2.5 weeks. Therefore, I dropped the course and saved myself $2100, 3.5 weeks away from my family, and the use of 3.5 weeks of vacation. Thus, another dilemma which I will pose in another post.