To make excuses or not . . .

One of my secondary applications has room for the following "Briefly discuss any extenuating circumstances which you feel are pertinent to your application (poor grades, course withdrawls, etc.)"
My problem is that I don’t know if I should do anything with this space or not. Yes, I had a crappy undergrad GPA, but I don’t really feel that there “extenuating circumstances”. At least, I don’t consider immaturity and rebellion from being under somewhat tight parental control as extenuating. My undergrad record is full of a lot of C’s. One D, no F’s, and no withdrawls.
I am really leaning toward not putting anything in that alloted space. My undergrad is what it is, I don’t have a good excuse, and I don’t feel I should try and come up with one. My only fear is that they will wonder why I DIDN’T explain my undergrad performance.
Comments, anyone?

Hi there,
I would leave this blank or write “Not applicable” in that space. You didn’t have any extenuating circumstances and you have overcome your orginal GPA so this does not apply to you.