To Repeat or Not To Repeat

Okay, I hope most of you read my miserable story on how I wasn't too happy with my gen bio and chem1 grades. I'm returning back to the class room for summer session after a hiatus and was wondering if I should repeat or not those classes. I'm hoping to shoot for the 2004 April MCAT. I'm fired up and got my head straightened out and feel I'm ready to tackle my pre-requisites again.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

what does ‘wasn’t too happy’ mean?
does this mean a B- instead of A - or D instead of C ?
at my schools, there are rules about what grades will allow a repeat and what will not. Generally, C or above cannot repeat. You can take something similar but more difficult to show mastery - but you cannot retake say a C in Gchem I and try for an “A” instead. On the other hand, a grade below C must be repeated to count towards completion of a prerequisite for the major - and likely for med school too -
so - I guess I’m not getting where you get an option to repeat or not - maybe the rules are different at your school?

Yeah, that's a good point. At Georgetown you can't retake anything at B or above. (I think that's what I hear but I will soon find out).