To those who studied for MCAT during 1yr post-bacc and did well...

Hi all

I am starting a formal 1 year post-bacc, starting in Summer of 2017. In a year we will take all of the pre-reqs (Chem 1 and 2, Physics 1 and 2, Bio 1 and 2, Organic 1 and 2, and Biochem), and then take the June 2018 MCAT. So we will have to study for the MCAT while also studying for / completing our classes.

Has anyone here successfully gotten through such a condensed course load while studying for the MCAT and scoring in the 80th+ percentile? If so, how did you manage? And what was your score? I am considering putting in 2hrs per day over 10 months, as we won’t have the usual empty 4-12 weeks to study at the end of the program.

Thank you