Today's kids rate the video games of our times

Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine had a bunch of kids try out some of the popular video games from the 70’s and 80’s. The result is absolutely hilarious. Make sure you read the entire article. It was worth it!
EGM Article

too funny! thanks for the link, and yes, I do feel much older than I did an hour ago

Thanks! That was really cute. I’ll have to forward it to my BF. laugh.gif
You can buy a joystick that has 10 really cool “retro” games on it. It plugs into the TV.
We had an Atari back in the day. All I remember is Wizards of War. Then, my sister got Nintendo years later–the one that came with Mario Brothers (the first version). I’m always amazed at how “real” video games are now. I was used to the ones that were more “flat” and “2-dimensional”-looking.

Very funny and brings back some memories for me and my husband.
Yikes I feel so old.

while i never had a home system, i very well remember playing “Asteroid” at the pizza joint and a friends “tennis” game. Man. I am an old bat!!