Hello all,

I’m Tony. 37 year old former firefighter. Married with one 3 yo daughter. I’m in my third year at Univ. of Pittsburgh.

Hi Tony! How are rotations at Univ of Pitt? I think I got some stuff from them for residency info. Do you want to stay there for your residency?


I am planning to apply to UPitt for my residency as well…GO STEELERS!!! I am strongly considering applying for an elective rotation there too.

UPitt is one of the hot-bed places for critical care medicine. I will be doing a fellowship in crit care med after I complete my anesthesia residency.

When I first got here an old faculty member told me that Pittsburgh is like a fungus, it grows on you. He was right. I’m actually considering staying here instead of heading back to California.

As far as rotations, I’ve had a pretty cush 3rd year so far (I’ll be paying for it now though). Psych/neuro, Peds, and CAMC (which is 3 months of outpatient stuff ie: family practice, IM, peds, and a selective which was peds emergency med for me). I have to say peds was my best rotation so far, but I’ve spent most of my time around Children’s Hosp. which is a great place to be. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some world famous faculty that also happened to be very down to earth. I know I’m rambling.

Anyway, I think if you chose to come here you’ll be very happy.

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