Too big a bite?

Ok, so I now have officially had all of my classes. Today in Chem I was asked to join the CASMNS program. Center for the Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

It would be a 6-8 hour a week commitment for research in Chemistry.

I really like the idea. Just needing a little advice from those already along the road…

You could leverage it to do some biochem related research - would help on your app. 6-8 is not too much but I don’t know what your schedule is like. Also these commitments are like nasty viruses - they tend to increase insidiously to take up all of your time.

I think if you want guidance on this question you need to give us a better idea of what else is in your mouth here.

Oops, my bad.

Calc I, Chem I, Macro Econ, Speech, Rhetoric II

And of course, the rest of the non-trad issues, 3 kids a family and such.

Yes, definitely too much to take on the CASMNS gig.