Too Late for Med School at age 52?

I am a biomedical engineer patent attorney. I always wanted to go to medical school but could not get in. I had a decent GPA for engineering (3.1), but didn’t study hard enough for the MCAT.

Law school was much easier to get in so I went that route. I thought making a lot of money would be enough. It is not. I am ready to go to medical school. If I can bang out 11’s on the MCAT I think I might be able to get in.

I am 52 now and, if successful, could get accepted by age 54. Too late??? Please help!

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I hope not, since I just turned 60. I plan to take the MCAT in March, apply in June, and start med school in 2011!

I just turned 53, and was accepted in 3 osteopathic medical schools (from which I heard earlier) and had a good chance of acceptances from 3 other allopathic schools. My top choices were the osteopathic schools as I want to do rural primary care, and the ones I picked had special strengths in rural medicine, so I withdrew my applications elsewhere once I’d been accepted at my top choice, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Definately not too late to get in. I would say it’s a good idea to concentrate on maximizing your health prior to starting school, and on maintaining it during. I’m aware I’ll need all the vigor and energy I can summon, so doing a bit along that line currently. My advice is : go for it!

If your health is good … Go for it! I am 45 and hope to be in medical school by 47. Write out a plan and stick to it. Whatever you do, do not let anyone talk you out of trying.

If you do not try, it might be something you will regret the rest of your life.

I agree with the philosophy that 10 years from now you can be a doctor, or 10 years from now you can be something else. The fact that you are on this forum suggests that you are giving serious consideration to becoming a doctor. It actually sounds (to me) like you have almost decided to apply, but need a little encouragement. From what I’ve read, there are definitely medical schools that will accept non-traditional students in their 50s. Do your research, take any additional classes you think you might need, and hopefully do well on the MCAT. Then take the leap and apply! I’m doing the same myself. If all goes well, I hope to be in medical school by the time I’m 44 or 45. Also, as a case in point, the newest osteopathic medical school in Mississippi accepted a 50 year old student into its class!

Good Luck Better Late!!! I am now 44 and have been wanting to apply to med school for about a year. I talked myself out of it, saying I was to old, poor grades …some of you may know the drill. I know I can do this and if you believe you can, start the process!!! You can own your life and do it

I am 40 now and in my second semester of taking pre-reqs (Bio 2, Chem 2, and Physics 1). The hardest part for me last semester was just getting started…getting past all of the doubts and concerns in my mind…and taking that leap of faith. After the first week or two of classes, I began to relax and get into a rhythm…and discovered that I LOVED the subject matter and the new challenge in my life. Even if I don’t get into med school (but I will!), I can still say that I enjoyed this journey.

Take care!

Layne Tapper

We’re so lucky to live in a society that has so many opportunities. If you have the drive, do it. Think of all the obstacles most people in the world face!

Good luck!!

I feel so inspired reading these posts!! Thank you!!!