Too late?

Is it too late in the cycle to bother sending information updating my applications at schools Ive not heard from yet? Im sending an addendum to my application to the schools that Ive been waitlisted at and was thinking maybe I would just send it to the schools who havent rejected me yet, but is it even worth the stamp? I kind of feel like at this point, if I havent heard, I be getting that rejection letter soon.



I think it depends upon the school. When do they make their final decision? When is the deadline for updates?

For instance, one school I applied to this year (and last year) meets last week of March, and has an ‘unofficial’ deadline (ie the time it takes to get put into your file) for updates.

I would call the schools you are still interested in and find out WHEN they make their final decision.

It is getting late, but many schools interview into March and still might not have handed out all of their interview spots. I’m not sure which is fastest . . . calling schools and finding out if they are still scheduling interviews or just sending out an update.

Good luck!