total of 31 W's from this even worth a shot now?


I graduated from a major university back in 2001. I ended up with 155 credits and a 2.5 GPA with 31 W’s. I did terrible. I won’t waste anyones time listing all the typical excuses one has for this. I moved on and eventually obtained an MBA with a 3.5 GPA. I have worked in the corporate world for awhile now but I have never got over my desire to become Physician. I am torn between Podiatry and Internal Medicine. My plan is to apply to all Podiatry Schools as well as 4 Caribbean MB programs. I know with my previous GPA and W’s I have no shot in getting into any MD/DO programs. If I achieve at least a 3.5 for my pre-reqs and a decent MCAT score would I have a chance? Any input would be appreciated. I am a Michigan resident and was born and raised in WV. Thanks


So, I’m no expert here, but I came from a somewhat similar situation. I had a few Ws, but not quite 31 – and an AACOMAS GPA of around a 2.6. My postbaccalaureate has gone well (> 3.8) and my MCAT went well (13 VR/13 PS/12 BS), and I got a truckload of secondaries the day after my AACOMAS app verified.

I think schools tend to try to look at the whole picture when they can – the biggest challenge is going to be making sure that you exceed the automatic cutoff. With a good postbacc grade and a very strong MCAT score, you’ll very likely get flagged (at least at DO schools – I can’t speak for the ivy league MDs, which tend to fixate a bit more on grades).

The next challenge you’ll face is explaining your situation on your secondary application or in your interviews. If you have legitimate reasons for those Ws, or if you’ve learned important lessons from them, they shouldn’t hold you back. Use your powers of introspection and you should be fine there.

All said, though, get your nose to the grindstone and get a 3.8 or higher in PB and slaughter the MCAT. You can do it, even though it won’t be easy.

That is a lot of Ws, so I’ll suggest you actually call a few admissions offices at medical schools in or near your state, or at schools you want to attend.

Ask them for some insight about your chances and what you need to do to make yourself a competitive candidate.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the comments guys. I will not let anything stop me. These W’s are from 11 years ago now. Hopefully my most recent grades and MCAT scores will open one door for me…because its only 1 door that I need! If I get denied I’ll reapply until someone gives me a chance. All we can do in this life is work hard and keep our faith in God. :slight_smile: