Transcript Timing

Is there any disadvantage in terms of having transcripts lost/misplaced if you send them to the centralized services before you submit your completed online application?

I am not sure I understand the question! Obviously it’s disadvantageous for AMCAS/AACOMAS to lose your transcripts. This is why I advocate sending the transcripts at the earliest possible moment - so that when you find out they’ve screwed it up, you have plenty of time to get the transcripts sent again. And again.

As for whether they lose them before or after you’ve pressed “submit,” well, you can submit whenever you want but if they think they don’t have the transcripts your application is not going to be complete and ready to be transmitted. Is this what you meant?

Note: although some people have horror stories about AMCAS losing their stuff, in all fairness I have to say that they handled my three transcripts without any glitches. But there are enough horror stories out there that you don’t want to count on being one of the few lucky ones like I was.

As soon as you start filling out amcas w/o having submitted yet, they have a file on you. As they receive your transcripts they will e-mail to let you know that they are in. Send them now, do not wait until you submit because that is when most folks will be sending theirs in and it will get hectic…meaning it could take WEEKS before they acknowledge having them and then more WEEKS for them to verify amcas.

I agree… send your transcripts now. The sooner the better. They will start a file on you once they recieve them.

Good luck.

On a side note… they didn’t lose my transcripts, they just put the wrong name on my application file. I had to fight with them for weeks and weeks during the year that they went online for the first time. Try to prove you are who you are and have people tell you that they can’t help you.

It was a NIGHTMARE!!! It took me 120 hours to complete the application due to their server problems. They only had one server and it was sooooo overloaded people would take hours just to enter one thing. Gosh what a nightmare relived here.

I would recommend having them sent now. I had a problem with an overseas office for a school where I took a single undergrad course not sending my transcript’s on time (fortunately that was to my school after acceptance), and you want time to deal with anything like that, in case it comes up.

Just thought I’d add my .02, when I applied last year I completed and submitted the application before sending out the transcript requests…it took quite a bit longer than I would have thought for them to all get there. I also had to re-send one as AMCAS never received it. I’m re-applying this year and have already sent the requests out for that June 1 submit deadline!

This may be a stupid question, but what is the June 1 deadline for?


This may be a stupid question, but what is the June 1 deadline for?

I think there may be some confusion about the June 1st date. It is the date (usually) that AMCAS allows you to actually sumbit your application. Until then, you can only begin filling it in. After 6/1, they will accept it. Be aware, however, that after you hit “submit” you may not make ANY changes except contact information. Proof read it carefully! Grammatical and typo errors are not discounted as unimportant in the picture it paints of you.