transfer student / 2nd degree status

Hey guys I want to figure something out here… So I tried the post-bacc route last semester, got accepted to some good programs with linkages and everything, but I just didn’t have the money for them. I have some relatives that could co-sign for a private school loan but it would just be a hassle.

I’ve read a few topics with students saying they went for a second degree, took their pre-reqs and just didn’t finish the degree so that they could receive financial aid.

I e-mailed one of the schools I’m interested in asking if this would hurt my application and they said it wouldn’t. My question is if I went and majored in Biology / biochemistry, I wouldn’t be able to take just the pre-reqs would I? Majors have certain classes that you must take to advance in them so would I be stuck taking those classes as well?

(also at this moment I’m at a local university taking college algebra, next semester I want to transfer to USC to start up my science classes)

I can’t speak as to how other universities operate, but I am doing exactly what you’re thinking of doing at a public university in California. My first quarter I was just a general post-bacc student. I then petitioned the biology department to be accepted for a 2nd degree and they approved me. Aside from the change in status and financial aid benefits, nothing else has changed for me. The school did an eval of my previous undergrad units and gave me a sheet with all that I’m deficient in for the 2nd degree, but other than that I just enroll for whatever classes I want to take. They’re not insisting that I take a prescribed list of courses at all.

Technically, if I wanted to go ahead and finish it I could get a BS in biology with a minor in chemistry. I’m not willing to take as many courses as that would require though. For now my plan is to finish the pre-reqs and take as many upper division science classes as I can. I’ve also thrown in some gen ed here and there on the off chance that I do decide to pursue completion of my second degree (according to my current school I’m lacking 10-11 gen ed classes despite having a BS in business).

I think that is the route I’m going to take as well. I talked to the medical school admissions office and they said that I didn’t need a second degree but some medical schools require a science degree for admission. I can’t afford to pay out of pocket for a post-bac program, so financial aid is a must for me. When I had my transcripts evaluated, it worked out to be a semester more for me to get a second degree than to just go after the pre-reqs so it seemed like a better way to spend the money too.

While I am not familiar with the admissions requirements of all 140-odd U.S. medical schools, I can safely say that I’m not aware of ANY that require a bachelor’s degree in a science field for admission. There are undoubtedly some where it helps more than at others.