Transferred schools/upward trend


I started out college pretty bad and wasn’t planning on doing medical school. I had some very big life changing events so I was not focused on school. I took a gap year to get my life in order and to get out of my situation because I realized it was holding me back. After coming back from the gap year I transferred from the university I was at (less prestigious university I guess you could say) to my states top university. Since transferring here I have done way better and given it my all! I have a significant upward trend. From about 2.4ish the first two years and 3.8 the last two years.

80+ credit hours at new school (classes ranging from, biochem, physics 1& 2, ochem 1&2, cell bio, etc)

MD GPA projection
cGPA: 3.4
sGPA: 3.1

DO GPA projection
cGPA : 3.4
sGPA : 3.3 (kinesiology classes bringing this higher)

The school that I transferred to Is my top choice medical school (MD program). They have a big preference on IS students which I am but they have an average acceptance of 3.75 gpa does anyone know if they would put higher emphasis on my upward trend since it was at their school for my 80+ credit hours bachelor degree?

I don’t think ADCOMs care if you went to their undergrad institutions unless there is some linkage for which guidelines will be well established. Regarding upward trend, it depends on the school. Admissions are allowed to slice and dice the grades any way they choose to find their candidates. From what I’ve learned about this process, most schools will look favorably on an upward trend - irrespective of undergrad institution

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