Tropical Medicine

As a subject, is tropical medicine generally treated as a residency, a fellowship, a master’s on the side (like MPH or MBA), or some other certification program? To follow up, if you wanted to go into this field of medicine, to what residency should you apply?

The term is less and less used; as I understand its use, its remnants are most often found within infectious disease fellowships, in which you’d emphasize tropical regions of the world and their diseases. (i.e., a fellowship relatively heavy on parasites, relatively light on surgical wound infections.). I think this may be different within the medical system of Commonwealth countries, but not sure. For US info see

But for now, just RELAX–you’ll have plenty of time to scheme about what kind of doctor you’re going to be. Now’s the time to be happy that you can know you are going to become a doctor, and you have a little while to relax before you start.