Trouble Finding Home for Pre-Reqs

Hey there,

I am a non trad with 2 bachelor’s degrees. I am trying to take med school pre reqs (Bio, Chem, O Chem, Physics, etc.) and am finding it difficult to find a place to take classes. Technically I can’t be a “second degree” student because I have 2 bachelor’s degrees. I have contacted nearby universities and registration priority for non-degree is zero.

I have taken all of my previous coursework at 4 year universities and I am contemplating going to a community college, as it is much cheaper and easier for me to actually get into.

Does any have any experience in a similar situation? I would like to find a home to start taking the required pre reqs and this is proving more exhausting than previously thought.

Some folks go the community college route as this is the only place they can get in. I ended up doing a post-bacc premed program, although it was the MOST expensive option, partially because they register you for the classes and you a guaranteed a place in them (at the program I selected). In some cases there is a separate, smaller section for the post-bacs.


There are a few of those near me (Northwestern, Loyola, Dominican U). Since I work full time and don’t want to rely on financial aid, the community college aspect looks pretty appealing. I am applying primarily DO and so far have not seen or heard any DO school’s view on community college classes.

I had the same problem and had to turn to online courses. It did limit the schools I could apply to, so do your research ahead of time. It seems more and more schools are accepting online courses though. I know a lot of people frown on this option, but it has worked out for me this app cycle for allopathic schools. 5 interviews including a couple of highly ranked primary care schools.

I took 3 classes through the Univ New England College of Med online post-bac program. They are an Osteopathic school so a lot of the courses have medically relevant examples. I took both OChems with online lab components plus biochem. The syllabi have changed since I finished, but I thought the courses were good. Last I checked they only offer bio I, so I went took that through a local state univ via distance learning.