Two applications, one interview w/ decline and one no thanks

I interviewed at COMP-NW and I thought the interview went pretty well. The questions were standardized on laminated sheets, and I was disappointed that I didn’t really get to talk about me. I am also disappointed that they didn’t accept me, but I am not done yet.

What should I do now? I have requests for secondary applications from 3 other COMs, but I discount 2 of them since the requests came within 1 day of the AACOMAS submission. Should I go ahead and complete the secondaries for these 3 schools? Or just the school that probably looked at the primary application? I don’t have a great MCAT, my clinical experience is limited, and my GPA is old; my big plus were the letters of recommendation.

I plan to retake the MCAT next year, change jobs to get clinical experience, and I’m taking classes to update my GPA (current recent GPA is 3.61 with a B+ in “Organic Evolution” and probably a B in Head and Neck Anatomy). I will reapply next year.

You will find out that almost all MD and DO schools tend to ask all applicants to submit secondaries - it’s more common than not. The fact that they sent it back quickly is no reason not to jump on that. It’s helpful to get the secondary applications turned around quickly so you are considered as early as possible - even more so considering the lateness in the cycle. Try to really rock any application and interview. It sounds like you are mentally convincing yourself these two that asked for secondaries don’t really want you. If I may, let me say with Cher “Snap out of it!” You are on the table until they say otherwise, so try to really stand out with your secondary applications, essays. Call and talk with admission staff regarding when your application may be reviewed if you haven’t heard something. And rock the interview!