UG with non traditional medical background wants to join MD


I have done my undergraduation from India in Ayurveda(Alternative medicine).,Which is a five and one -half years program that included 1yr of

Internship. I relocated to US 6months back and I, recently got my credentials evaluated in the US.I would like to know if I can join medical school in the US?

If yes, where to start from? What are the requirements to Apply for MD?

P.S: I have credits in Anatomy with lab, Physiology w/lab, Toxicology and medical jurisprudence, Preventive and social medicine, Pathology, Gynecology and Obstetrics W/lab,

ENT and Dentistry W/Lab, General surgery W/lab and internal medicine W/Lab. My GPA is 3.93.

I am also wondering if I can get any waiver for my credits and who should I approach to know about this. I, would be very thankful if anyone can reply to me on this.



Welcome to the site and… unfortunately it looks like there’s no easy way to join medical school in the US.

I’m not sure what it takes to practice alternative medicine in this country, so I won’t comment on that.

But if you want to go to medical school (either MD or DO) you have a long way ahead of you.

Medical schools in US want you to have all the prerequisites (at least) from an American university. I say at least b/c ideally they would like to see an undergraduate degree from here. For many people (including me) it means coming back to school and getting another undergrad degree. You shouldn’t have any problems with transferring credits from India toward your undergraduate degree. This way you should be able to get your degree in about 2 years (instead of 4 years). Then you have to take the MCAT and apply to the schools you’re interested it.

There are lots of posts in this forum addressing the issue of where what prerequisites you need to take and where to start! Just look around and you’ll find answers to many questions you might have.