UNC Chapel Hill?

So I finally started on my journey at forty something. A bit scary but determined to go as far as I can. I want no regrets in life. Becoming a doctor is and has been my dream. I have to pursue it. It is an itch I can’t scratch enough.

Currently taking my pre-req courses at UNC Chapel Hill. Is there anyone else on the same journey at UNC Chapel Hill? If so, do you want to join forces so we can support each other?

Mygoal -

Not in NC, but just wanted to say, congrats on putting your feet on the road. As Tolkein says “the Road goes ever on, down from the door where it began” and to paraphrase Bilbo “it’s a dangerous thing - you never know where the road will take you!”



Thanks for your encouragement. Funny you quote Tolkein- Lord of the Rings is my son’s favorite books and movies! Thanks again.


I’m still enrolled in NYC but I’m hoping to take Biochemistry in Spring 2013 in UNC Chapel Hill…

Great! I am planning to take Biochem next year but you never know, I may end up taking it in the same year. Thanks for coming up on the net. Let me know when you get here:)

Biochem at Chapel Hill is a b*tch!