Undergrad versus post-bacc importance, timing

Last fall I went to an admissions open house at a DO school and asked the admissions rep if it would be possible to be considered with a strong post-bacc performance after a poor undergrad showing. He told me that he places more emphasis on the first undergrad career, which I found odd and inconsistent with everything else that I’ve read. Then when I met with my advisor, she seemed to think that I would be fine with a strong post-bacc performance (and MCAT, volunteering, etc.) because my bachelor’s was so old (2004). So which is it? Was the admissions rep an anomaly, or is his opinion common? If many schools want prereqs to be within the last ten years, are they unofficially more forgiving of old records as long as the post-bacc is stellar? I’m aware of the Texas fresh start program but won’t be applying to Texas schools. Thanks.