Unintentionally Pre-Med

Hey guys,

So I was the first person in my family to attend college. When I got there I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do so I just picked Business as a major and tried that for two years. I figured out that I despised my classes and changed my major to Environmental Health Science. I ended up liking EHS a lot more than business but something didn’t feel right with that major as well. The EHS program at UGA requires that you take pre-medical coursework to finish the degree and I realized that I loved my pre-medical courses but I didn’t really care too much about my major courses so, as a result, I decided to pursue a career in medicine. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this realization until right before my last semester of undergrad.

In short, I was unintentionally pre-med until my last semester so it looks like I already knew I wanted to go to medical school and failed when in fact that wasn’t necessarily the case (I guess, on my transcript, that is the case but I digress)

I went through hell during my undergraduate years. I lost my dad, a lot of family members, and close friends. It’s kind of hard to study or sit in class when everything around you is burning to the ground. I had spent my entire undergraduate career surviving. I was just trying to be the first person in my family to earn a degree. A C average was good enough for me given my circumstances. I earned my B.S. in EHS and that was a huge triumph but it was short lived. The damage to my GPA was done and I have way too many credits to repair it.

I am absolutely sure I want to be a doctor. I have never felt so passionate about anything in my life and I am willing to go to whatever end to achieve this dream. Although my journey is extremely difficult and the odds are against me I am excited nonetheless. My life has become very stable and I am now a lot more mature to handle bad situations if they come my way instead of letting my grades suffer. I am going to have to work harder than I ever have. Now, I have to go out and perform.

That was a quick background and below is my current predicament.

Here are the Facts:

cGPA = 2.7

BCPM GPA = 2.41

Last semester GPA = 3.2

I have 185 undergraduate credits

Here are my Pros:

I earned an A in biochemistry and a B in both organic chemistry’s and microbiology

I currently work at a Trauma II Hospital as a C.N.A. and I love every moment of it

I am volunteering at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

I have shadowing experience and I am looking for more

My wife is about to graduate from nursing school and has taught me a lot of clinical knowledge

Here are my Cons:

God awful GPA

Too many credits

Here are my Goals:

Gain research experience, earn LOR’s, destroy the MCAT, and do something about my GPA

Here is my Plan to try and make up for my GPA:

Take upper level undergraduate science coursework at my local university and earn as many A’s as possible. These classes include Genetics, A+P 1 and 2, Intro to Psych, Cell Biology, Immunology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Cancer Biology.

Follow that up with one year’s worth of an SMP program at PCOM-Ga and achieve academic excellence

What do you guys think of this plan? Should I just stick with upper level courses and don’t pursue the SMP route? Should I pursue an M.S. degree? Do you think medical schools will understand that I was unintentionally pre-med?

I do apologize for the long post but thanks for reading anyways to whoever does!