Unsure of what to do next

So I applied to med school last cycle and got rejected by all of the schools that I had applied to. When I asked the schools directly how to improve my app for next time I apply I was given generic info. I visited a premed advisor for my alumni and I was suggested to either apply to Caribbean schools or choose another path. The problem with my app is the averaging of my grades made my gpa low for the app report when it calculates my UG and graduate gpas. So the med schools would screen me out because they cannot see that my current gpa for grad school is a lot better than the past. I cannot go to the Caribbean because it does not line up with my plan to join the military to help pay for school as I am financially responsible for my mother who is disabled. I do not want to choose another path either. I have come too far.

I graduated UG with a 3.0 gpa went to grad school and didnt do well due to family issues at home. I reenrolled in a different grad school and now have a 3.8 gpa. I should not be judged by my mistakes in the past. But that’s what I feel is happening with my app. I have done volunteer work, worked in the hospital, took a course to get license as an EMT, and have even did medical scribing and shadowing. I am gathering information on how to become a RN and medical assistant in the meantime. However I do not want to give up my dream of being a doctor. That is the end goal. I am not sure what else to do to make my app stand out. The premed advisor stated to me that retaking any courses from my past from UG is just a waste of money and would not help much with my app. So any advice on how to improve would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and any advice given.

I should add to my prior post that I had already applied to a post bac program and another master’s program that has linkage with med schools that if you do well in the program you are guaranteed an interview. I am currently waiting for news of acceptance along with registering for few courses to apply for the accelerated bsn program near me. I am also considering to retake my core bcpm classes from 10 years ago. However I have to look at my financials and see what I am able to do. So any info on what else to do besides what I have already done would be greatly appreciated to make my app stand out when I reapply in a year or so. As I stated before the advisor I met did not think I needed to retake any core classes and thought that enrolling in a post bac or other program would not help my app. They had suggested Caribbean schools or basically give up this dream. I do not want to give up and know I can succeed if given the chance.

I answered this on the podcast for this week (6/13 - Session 130)