update from mammadoc

Hey guys,

I have been posting alot lately, so I wanted to give you guys an update. I have decided to give med school all I’ve got and not wait. This decision came after much deliberation. The reason is this:

I have a meningioma. It’s a benign brain tumor in my parietal region. I have to have surgery to have it removed next month. It has made me realize that I don’t have time to waste being scared and not going after my heart’s desire. I want to work in medical missions and so many people need a doctor and don’t have or can’t afford one. I am still nervous about attempting med school as a single parent. So, I’ll take it one semester at a time.

Please keep me in your prayers and thanks so much for all your encouragment. You have all inspired me to GO FOR IT! I told my pre-med advisor that I would get into med school somewhere, eventually. I won’t give up

Remember: there is magic in boldness!

Let 'em have it, mommadoc! My prayers are with you!

Hang in there! Sure sounds like you’ve got the right stuff.



Congratulations on deciding to go for it, mammadoc! My thoughts will be with you as you go fight your battles. Keep your positive attitude and remember, all of us here at OPM are behind you!!

HI Everyone!!! It’s been five years now, but I had my tumor removed and I have steadily been working toward medical school. I had damage to my parietal region and have had to overcome alot. I’ve had many moments where I almost gave up. I found this post and it re-inspired me!! Does anyone know of any good schools near Louisiana? I’ve read that Texas has great tuition. We only live an hour from there. Does anyone know how long you have to live there to establish residency? I am sooooooo very thankful for all of you guys!

Thank you so very much!!