Update. Inspiration. Summer

Hi Everybody as I mentioned before I am working on a new bachelor degree in the US. After almost half a year of hesitation to keep foreign undergrad+ US postbacc or complete new bachelor in the states and complete preregs as part of it. My problem was sold when my undergrad was not 100% accepted and I transferred all I could and started all over.

So far I completed Statistics, Bio 1, English Comp 1, Psychology, World Economics, Philosophy and German with 4.0 GPA…I have no family to rely on in America, I fully support myself and worked through school while trying to be there for my very ill best friend. If I can do this, so can you:)) It was not easy but it is doable and I fully enjoy my life. I want to encourage all who hesitate to just do it!!! And it feels so good to be a small step closer each time. Or you can choose otherwise and realize that it is not for you, and that is better that just talk about it for years:)

This summer I am relaxing with only Sociology class on my hands. Good luck everyone who is taking summer classes!!

Hi Life

well congrats on your academics so far. Keep it up. It is hard at first, but then comes to the time to apply, the acceptance etc…

Good luck.

This is what keeps us going thanks!