Upper-level class or retake lower level?

One more semester of pre-reqs to go! I have a question - I know a lot of med schools require your classes to be mostly recent. All of my pre-reqs are up to date, but I took Bio 102 back in 2002 as an advanced level high school course that gave me college credit.

Some schools say if you take upper level coursework it can offset something like this - so I took genetics and made an A, and this semester I’m looking at micro bio.

Should I just retake bio 102 to avoid any problems or would another upper level class be ok?

As a sidenote - I know biochem would be a much better upper level to take than micro bio, but the professor here is notorious for tanking people. I’m sitting on a 3.92 BCPM so I’m a little hesitant to wreck it right now . I’m also going to start MCAT studying on top of working full time and volunteering, so I’m not sure if I want to handle another stressful class like orgo. :shudder

I think you would be well served to take Bio 102 again - look at the biology topics for the MCAT and the topics for the Bio 102 course…I’m thinking the high school class may not be the thorough preparation it would be good to have fresh in your mind. That’s just my opinion.


AS far as prep goes if you haen’t taken college bio then I say take the lower level.

As far as what they will take as recent I haven’t retaken college bio, (got A’s when I took them last) so I am just taking upperlevels, but I will have something like 20 hours of upper level bio when I am done with my DIY.

I second what the others have said - taking the lower level bio course is probably a good idea.

In addition, many med schools will not accept high school coursework (even if you received official college credit for it). That has been my experience, as I took many AP classes and am having to re-take some of them (i.e., calculus). Just a heads-up.

I don’t think it was a high school class, I took it at the actual local college. I think they called it a dual-enrollment course.

You guys are right though, it would be smarter to retake Bio 102 seeing as it’s 8 years out of my memory. Unfortunately the thought of having to take another 300+ student class is annoying. I liked it back when I was a freshman but now that I’m a little older it just isn’t as fun, lol.

Thanks all

The good news is now with all of the modern technology that even in a class with 300 people they will all only be there on test day.

It was funny to go into a room and have plenty of seats during class and have to get their early for test day.