Urgent help

HI everyone,

I am new to this forum and I was just wondering what should I do about theses classes I took during the years as an undergrad.

Bio I - B

Bio II- B-

Chm I - A

Chm II- B

Phy I - B

Phy II- ? taking it in the spring 2010

org chm 1- F then got it replace for a C+

org chm II- fall 09

I am a bio major and my current GPA 2.87

sci gpa : 2.88

The question is can I take over some of these courses that I did poorly in during my undergrad years or do I have to do a posBac?

I started school in 1997 and I had some obsticles that I had to overcome. I didnt know what I wanted to do in life. Deep down I wanted to be a doctor but I tought that I came from a third world country and I wouldnt have a chance…It also had to do with lack of educational background and financial needs. Anyway enought with my sobb. story. Please can someone guide me.



if you have a disadvantaged background, you will have plenty of opportunities to share that info with adcoms when you apply. but if you have anything below a C, you probably need to retake those classes. not sure if you need a post-bac or not since i didn’t go that route.

but good luck with pursuing your dream!!

contact the medical school you are interested in and tell them how old your classes are. If they accept them as is, why retake them if you do not have to.

On the other hand, if you already did well in them and have a science background, and it has been some time since you were in school, the adcoms want to see if you are able to do hard science courses with no problems. Taking Graduate level courses is one way to show them this. However, once you start a graduate program you may be required to complete it.