Urgent Inquiry

Hi everyone. I’m not sure if this is the right place for my post but i’m really sorry if its not.

I just need some help on deciding on which way is better for me…

I haven’t really finished my undergraduate studies…i only finished 56 credits with a gpa of 2.76…i’m an international student and i live in Montreal, Canada now.

My school was an open university,

My high school percentage is 84.25%…

and i’m 28 years old,my original plan was to study biomedical science and finish with an undergraduate degree. However, I want to know if there are other ways to make use of my university transcripts. I mean do you think its better to go with my original plan or maybe find a premed program that is 2 year long and then prepare for the Mcat and Hopefully get into school.

Please help me out here,I’m really confused and I dont have much time. I need to know if there are other ways.

Thank you so much


IMHO you should first transfer to a brick and mortar program, no matter which, and just make sure you are able to finish all pre-reqs with stellar grades, i.e. all As. It is critical you are able to show an upward trend and be consistent.

Bad grades is a recurring theme among us OPMs, everyone has made a mistake one way or another, that is what make us special right? it is called experience.

Your will prepare for MCAT during your last term, so do not worry about it just yet.

Another area you must cover is the one related to your immigration status. Are you a canadian citizen? are you a permanent resident of Canada?, find out if it is as important in Canada as it is in the USA.

Study, work hard, every big thing starts small,

Good luck!

You also stated that you are an international student in Montreal. Many american medical schools have accept few if any international students; most require a national resident or citizen status. A student visa will NOT be accepted. Of the schools that do accept international students, many require proof of the ability to pay in the form of a line of credit or other assets covering the estimated cost for the ENTIRE 4 years. For example, Johns Hopkins requires a deposit of $291,000 US dollars (or line of credit) before matriculation

Hi everyone

Thank you for the replies.

I’m not canadian nor am I american. and I might study either in canada or the united states.

I’m in a scholarship program and right now i have applied for different schools across canada to study Biomedical science. I’m just worried about the 2.7 gpa i got from studying at an open university,i just needed something to proof that i was doing something in the past couple of years, because they ask for it. but the problem is i wasn’t really committed to this open university and i missed on a lot of finals because of private reasons. and i passed because of my high marks on assignments and quizzes.

I also studied nursing for 2 years and i had high grades as well. but unfortunately i dont have any transcripts to submit.