US MD practicing abroad?

I got a bug up my butt and started thinking that it might be cool to practice in the UK or Australia for a bit.
Have any of y'all heard of locum tenens opportunities out of the country? If so, do they take care of the visa/licensing stuff for you?
My wife has heard of similar opportunities for nurses in England.
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Jeff Jarvis
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Hi Jeff-
Here's a book you might find useful:
'Medicine and Medical Education in Europe - the Eurodoctor' ed. Gunther Eysenbach. Mostly geared toward Europeans, but it gives the requirements for doing post-grad training and practicing in all the European counties, describes the local health care system and working environment and demand for physicians. (I live in Europe now hense my interest).
The copy I have I just bought recently at the local med school book store, but it's a couple of years old - they give a website for updates ( which I haven't checked yet.
Some countries here have an oversupply and I'm told it can be hard for their own MDs to find residency positions (eg. Germany, Italy) but in others there may be a shortage (eg. UK).
Check the UK medical Student Association website also for information. They have a forum similar to this and SDN. (Tried to copy the link but couldn't see the address on my browser)

Hi Jeff- Here are some other links
For Australia:
For UK: (General medical council homepage -licensure requirements) (I think this is in general for Europe)

Hi Jeff,
I've received multiples of offers to locum in Australia - so those opportunities are definately available. I don't know about UK, although I've heard rumors that it can be difficult to arrange.
Good luck!

Great, thanks for the replies everyone!
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