Using ExamKrackers solely

Hey all! I’m a new member but I have browsed the forum before. I wanted to know if I can hopefully score a 28 or higher (30 is my goal) using Examkrackers.

Here is my MCAT history:

I have all of the Princeton Review, Berkeley Review and Kaplan books. I was enrolled in a Kaplan course last summer but was severely hindered since I hadn’t taken Physics yet, so most of the time I was teaching myself physics. By the end of the summer, I took one practice test and got an 8 (borderline) in PS, a 9 in BS (also borderline), and a 9 in VR (also borderline). I took a few stand-alone BS and VR sections in the middle of the summer and received 9s.

The good news is that when I got that 8 in PS, I got 86% right on the physics portion! The bad news is that I had forgotten most of the chemistry (got less than 50%).

So I was scheduled to take the MCAT 8/04 but I voided, since I did not score my goal score on any practice test. I was planning on reviewing my weak areas over the fall and then taking it this past January, but I ended up taking 20+ credits and there was no way I had time.

So now I am finally free-er to sit down and study and I have signed up for a 5/23 exam date.

The thing is, although everyone recommends Berkeley Review (which btw I got from a family member/friend and they are the 09 editions), I really can’t stand it. It’s extremely wordy, takes me 6+ hours to read a chapter/take notes, and by the time I’m done doing some passages, I don’t feel like I learned or retained anything! Their style of bulky text and throwing everything at you really doesn’t bode well for me, esp since I have no time.

So since I have a decent background in all of the subjects, I started on the EK 1001 questions. I am doing great on those and I love the one-liners for the answer choices. I refer to the lecture or online sources if I need more explanation. I learn much better by doing questions.

Anyway so I haven’t done a practice test and don’t plan to until I’ve finished the 3003 questions. My question is will this be sufficient for my target score?? I am hoping I can take a practice BS section by mid-March and be ready to start taking full-lengths by the end of March/early April.

Has anyone solely relied on ExamKrackers and done well??

Thank you so much for the input, I’m sorry for the long post!

I’m using the EK books as well, although I also have the subject material books and am starting out reviewing those before I hit the 1001 question books. I’ve heard mixed reviews from people about them, but I am finding them helpful, personally.

In addition to reading the books (and doing the practice questions / tests), I am also making online flashcards for myself. I find that I need to do something “active” when I learn, not just read. Rephrasing the information in my own words, then practicing with the flashcards on my iPhone, helps.

What I would recommend you do is look at AAMC’s outline of what is tested on the MCAT to make sure you are solid on all of the topics. If not, go back and review those. Here is the link: MCAT content outline.

Whether you can get a 30 depends, in my opinion, not on what review series you use, but how you prepare yourself - content-wise, yes, but also mentally and strategically.

Hi. I completely agree with Lorien in that how you prepare yourself is ultimately the most important. I am using Kaplan (online course once a week since Dec-take test end of April), EK for Verbal, EK Audio Osmosis in the car (but not always. Sometimes I just have to chill out to the tunes or turn on NPR), and Chad’s videos at I went through Chad’s MCAT videos over winter break, taking notes and using them as a supplement. If you like the video thing I think it can help in addition to anything else you are doing. I love videos for learning myself-finding a great online teacher is golden and Chad is awesome IMO. I believe, to reinforce Lorien’s comment, though that it is up to you. I think any prep course or review out there can potentially be beneficial to anyone if you are willing to put the time and effort into it. I am preparing for it like a mental marathon and to do that means I must practice, practice, practice!

That being said, I know there are many, many EK fans out there and if I had not gotten my Kaplan course for free I may very well have gone DIY and would have likely chosen EK and online vid’s to do so.

Don’t want to get too Tony Robbins on you, but I believe if you put your mind to it, commit the time, and remain positive and vigilant you can do well!

Best of luck to all us on this MCAT leg of our journey!

Hey there!

After much debate, I decided to use EK books + Audio Osmosis (minus 1001 workbooks) plus TPR Verbal and ALL of the AAMC practice exams.

I felt that I had no real foundation in the sciences, although I am currently completing my post-bacc. EK gives a SOLID foundation in the subjects, which in my opinion, is the basis to perform well on the MCAT.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which material you use; it’s all the same. What will matter is that you really committed yourself both mind and time to doing well in preparing.

Good luck in your decision!

I’ll chime in, too…I followed pretty closely to what TJJ stated, except that I did NOT do the TPR but DID do the 1001 workbooks for bio, chem, & physics. I also found great value in the AAMC practice exams, taking them in simulated test circumstances.

Learning to pace myself for each section was essential. Know when to just say “good enough” and move on, rather than wasting time on knowing you got the right answer.

I also did not spend equal time studying each subject, but spent extra on the areas that I was weakest personally.

Good luck!

Thank you everyone for your posts! I appreciate the advice. I feel much better about using EK, actually the only reason I felt concerned (even though it was working well with my learning style) is because it seems the majority of people over at SDN trash it, and I got kinda worried. Buncha Berkeley Review cult followers over there, lol. I might even move up my exam if I score my target score in April. I do want to renew my Kaplan course as well but they said they only can renew it for a month, so I’m trying to use up EK before I call and ask.

The sad thing is even though I was scoring so well in physics last Aug, I feel like I forgot a lot of it. So now I’m worried about my pace, i.e. some days I feel I’m going to slow, other days I feel I’m going too fast. I actually thought an early May test date would be more ideal anyway but gave in to family pressure. Anyway I think I’m just going to try and roll with the punches and if I finish sooner, I’ll fork over the 70 bucks and take it earlier.

Just can’t wait for this thing to be over with!