1 month down and I have had 2 exams so far. I prepped for Pharm and while I passed, I was not happy with my score because I just barely passed.

Sometimes it feels that this is never, ever going to end.

Do you start feeling like a Dr. only after you are done with medical school? I probably know that answer already.

ouch… my brain hurts.

After watching that video, I decided that I do not like pancakes.

It gets better Gabe. Just wait until you start rotations!

As to the pharm exam, just give it one of these. . . and remember. . . you passed!

You will not feel like a Dr. until after you gain your “sea legs”, which is usually several months into your internship & commonly not until your PGY-2 year. However, you will begin to feel more comfortable in your ‘med student skin’ once rotations start & you figure out how to succeed there. As long as you remain in your MS-1/-2 years, you will continue to feel like a punching bag for the Ph.Ds.

Agree with OMD, once you have graduated (then you kinda of believe it) and well into intern year, then you “feel” like a doc albeit many times you go “huh?” who let me graduate…he he.

And the next time is when you graduate from residency…There are numerous times during a shift when I stop and think OMG I am responsible for the well-being of this patient!

Rachel Yealy,DO

Monster comeback on Pharm exam #2. Out of the woods, phew!!

Congratulations on your monster comeback, Gabe!

Keep up the good work, Gabe. This year will be over before you know it and then the real fun begins!