Vampire book of death

This Orgo textbook, that's the only way to describe it. I feel like it explains nothing and sucks the life right out of me. Could put Ambien out of business.

find a text that you like - most libraries are full different texts -
I'll mail you mine if you want it - I used my text and a used CD that accompanied the Solomon (purple) text that I found on the grab-table at the bookstore. Gave away the CD to my professor - but I still have my text, free for the asking if you want it (can't think of the author, but its one of the regulars)
is this for OChem I ?
what areas are you having trouble with - I can usually find good websites/animations for Ochem concepts -
what text do you have that eminates with such evil vibrations?

It wasn’t so much the text but rather the way that the class was taught at my UG.
I went to a large university, the orgo class was in huge lecture hall. Day 1 had about 500 students, days 2 had about 300, by the end of the first month, there were less than 200 students at each lecture. People would be up at the crack of dawn to register for orgo at the community college.
My professor would put up an overhead, walk away for 5 minutes while you copied it, read the overhead word for word, put up the next slide and repeat the process.
The average grade on the exams was in the mid 50’s. I was happy with a C in this class and that was that. blink.gif

Calvin - what text are you using? We’re using Carey’s and I love it. Actually even more so I love the study guide for Carey’s text to help you sludge thru the problems when you get stuck. We have an awesome prof too tho. Actually if you want you can access our website for the class and download his lecture notes (they are in powerpoint). So far he’s making things pretty easy, and giving lots of helpful hints on how to figure out names and structures. Go to, click on academics, click on chemistry, click on current web courses and look for the one labeled Chem 331-001 Organic Chemistry I…the professor’s name is Anderson. You can even access his old quizzes and exams. The only function you won’t be able to access on their is the one called WebCT which holds our homework and grades for us. If you have any questions feel free to AIM ( or PM me! Good luck!
–Jessica, UCCS

God, from the title of the thread I thought you were sitting in on my Medical Embryology class.
Of course a few upper classmen would say its Path… laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Here’s the link to the chemistry tutoring center at the school where I did my post-bacc. It’s actually the top chemistry tutoring website when you do a search on google. You can also link to other sites through it. Liina sctually has a map of the world where she tracks the hits she gets…it’s full of pins from around the globe.
Good luck and Happy studying,

Chemistry Tutoring Homepage at Towson Univ