Very Useful AAMC/AMCAS Info

AAMC/AMCAS post virtually all their presentations, webinars, powerpoints, and other documents that provide information for advisors and students alike. I strongly suggest that all potential applicants take a look at the site as many questions can be directly answered. asresources/

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Wow! This is good stuff (a bit overwhelming) but good. Thanks a bunch!!

  • Julio Cesar Said:
Wow! This is good stuff (a bit overwhelming) but good. Thanks a bunch!!

Just doing my job in providing it.....

its your job to utilize it....

BTW, I find it quite humorous when I answer a question on SDN for the "kiddies" that directly quotes and links to one of AAMC documents and yet they still want to argue, disagree, and believe in whatever they want. I feel like I am logical Mr. Spock while they are all immature wanna-be Dr. McCoys. (For those younger OldPreMeds substitute Mr. Data and Dr. Crusher and you'll get the idea.)

The AAMC provides fantastic resources for premeds about to enter the application cycle, referenced in the first post. I’d also like to point out the Fee Assistance Program for both the MCAT and the AMCAS application. Applicants who need financial help can apply for fee reductions. Info on that can be found here: /

A note about the Fee Assistance Program - unfortunately, the FAP takes into account your parents’ incomes, even if you are an independent student (as most, if not all, of us OPMers are). At least, this was how it was last year when I applied for it. While my own income was far below the required level, when I added my parents’ incomes, even though neither of my parents are actively supporting me financially, I was rejected immediately (I literally received a rejection e-mail within 15 minutes of submitting my FAP application). I just wanted to point this out.