volunteer hours?

Howdy, I’m new to the forum and am glad I found it. I’m in a quandary. Maybe someone has some thoughts.

About me: I’m 31, I have a BA in Literature from a semi-well known liberal arts school, and am getting a BS in Biology now from my local state univeristy (i.e. doing pre-reqs, and then some.) My GPA from my first school was 3.2 and now I have a 4.0 and am about 3/4ths done with my pre-reqs/second degree. No MCAT yet.

Here’s my question. I spent three and a half years working at a group home for adults with cerebral palsy, and two years working with severely mentally ill adults via a community mental health center.

Do I actually still have to do “volunteer work” to get in? Haven’t I demonstrated my commitment to helping people? If it’s a non-negotiable, heck I’ll do it. But at this point in my process, I feel like I’d be better off studying just that much more for classes/MCAT.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to disparage volunteering. Just a practical matter.

I wish everyone out there the best of luck in 2010!

You don’t say how long ago your clinical experiences were. But the general thought is that if medicine is your passion, you’ll keep your hand in it as much as possible. “Ongoing and consistent.”



Hi superoxide,

So I realize this is likely a dead thread (and apologies, as I am new and still have more thread-searching to do on the topic) but I was wondering what your decision outcome was for this question?

I am in a very similar boat – 31 yrs, working on prereqs – and have been working in Clinical Research (Oncology) for the last 5yrs. Outside of work I haven’t really expanded into medical volunteering, but I still have about 2yrs of classes to complete and was trying to get a better grasp on whether I should start moving on this area.

Any advice would be appreciated!