Volunteer Hours

Hello All,

I’m headed towards 200 volunteer hrs all from the same non-profit medical clinic I’ve been with for 3 years. Does anyone have any opinions? To me the hours seem a little thin, but adcoms would look at three years at the same place favorably, right?

Also, in 2002-2003, while finishing up my undergrad, I volunteered with my church and helped out with the youth group. I would say 100+ hours. Would this be considered relevant voluneer work? If so, is it too old??

And along the lines of too old, back in 2003 I worked in a vascular surgery lab and got my name on an abstract. Is this too outdated?

What do you all think?

I don’t think it’s outdated. It’s more about your experiences (“Do your eyes dance?” to quote Judy Colwell) and how you convey them in your application.

I agree with Tara in that things usually don’t get to be “too old” (except academic work if there isn’t recent course work). However, don’t get into the mindset of “been there, done that, don’t need to do it any more.” Keep up with the clinical and the community service. And I strongly recommend that applicants have in-patient experience: see what it’s like to be around people in bed, not just those who can get themselves into a clinic.



As far as in-patient experience goes, I have done the orientation for a large hospice here in town. But I can’t volunteer there until May. Then I’m planning to apply in June.

Would it look bad on the application to have added this experience a month before applying (even in light of 3 years of ongoing volunteer work with a clinic?)

It’s better than nothing. :slight_smile: