This may have been discussed but I am all about trying to build a thread count:) I am currently a paramedic. I was an EMT before that and I will be taking a job as a tech while working on my prereqs. With all the work experience I will have in various healthcare settings do I need to volunteer as well? Just wasn’t sure if the volunteering thing is for people with no healthcare experience or if it is used as some sort of measure for your altruism. Thanks.

Volunteering allows you to demonstrate dedication to your community. Many people “kill two birds with one stone” by volunteering in a health care setting, but if you work in a health care setting already, volunteering in a health care setting isn’t really necessary. Pre-meds are known for saying that they “want to help people,” so your life resume needs to demonstrate that you have done that in some capacity.


Our premed science advisor said, “If everyone has great GPA’s and MCAT’s, how does a Medical School determine who are the truly dedicated and deserving?” We all look the same on paper up until our extra curricular activities. That’s where a person can stand out and prove their dedication and determination.