Wandering Mind??

Does anyone ever find themselves thinking about alternative careers to medicine in all the time you have before you actually get into med school? During the past 5 years, I have thought about medicine, but found myself thinking about how nice it would be to be a dentist, an optometrist, a CRNA, etc etc. It was only in the last year have I made an ultimate decision to pursue medicine. However, I find myself even still thinking about optometry school, Nurse anesthesia, dental school, even LAW school!
I guess this is human nature, but it sure creates stress in this old man's body. I'm going to quit talking to the primary care docs around here about it. It seems every time I talk to them, I am less motivated to pursue medicine (most of them HATE their life, or lack thereof).
It boils down to this (for me): I want to practice medicine with all my heart. But, I want to be able to know my family, have a life outside of medicine, etc… I have found in my career so far that if I have to work more than 60 hours a week, I have little time for anything else other than eating, sleeping, and working.
I know there are specialties that allow for more family time than others (which is what I'm gonna shoot for). But, I still find myself thinking about the hours my dentist, optometrist, etc have to work and envying their life outside of career.
I'm starting to ramble, but I guess it's kinda lonely every once in a while out here in non-traditional premed world.

Hi, I can relate to how you are feeling. I, too, am an RN who is going to back to school in the fall to finish up pre-med stuff. Medicine has always been a love of mine and I think about it all day long but I have definitely considered other careers like computer science and astronomy. huh.gif I think that it may be because you work so many hours and my guess is the nursing shortage affects you too. Maybe you are going through a little burnout, I know I am right now and it is very unsettling to me. In other words, take some leisure time to yourself if you can and do fun things or relaxing things and try and sort through your feelings. I know journaling can help a lot. If you want to talk more IM me or e-mail me. Take care! biggrin.gif

I'm sure as we all traverse (or have traversed) the murky waters of premed-dom, we wonder from time to time if we are making the right choice. Look at your decision carefully - be sure you have considered all the pros and cons - and then jump in with both feet and don't look back. Quit second-guessing yourself due to the words of others.
As to the primary care docs who tell you they wouldn't do it again. . . . remember, in every career there are people who really don't like what they are doing. If you have looked inside yourself and know, deep inside, that becoming a physician is something you HAVE to do, then do it! If you have any doubts, please consider attending the conference in DC, where you will meet many others like yourselves, with all our doubts, fears, anxieties, and victories!
And, the opening speaker Thursday evening will be Dr. Randy Hunt. I have known Randy for about 5 years now, and he wouldn't give up his practice for anything. He was also a nurse and a paramedic before going to med school in his mid 30s, and he will be sharing advice and encouragement for all of us!
Continue following your dream, chasing your rainbow, climbing that mountain. . . . and when you get there, you will know you did the right thing!