Want input on my path-forward options

Hey guys.
I am a Junior in my undergrad and I am looking for opinions on what my best options would be going forward. So I’m sitting at a 3.4 Cum GPA, plan to graduate with a 3.58 ish. Since I have a relatively low GPA, I want to beef up my application with paid clinical experience. My other attributes include 4-year student-athlete, extensive research (plan to publish soon), upward trend, Tri-beta, and Pre-med association clubs, and shadowing hours (100+). I have not taken my MCAT yet. So my plan was to take summer classes while also pursuing an ECG technician certification at my local community college, then go on to complete my senior year. After graduation, I had planned to get a phlebotomy certification and get paid clinical experience in either ECG or Phlebotomy. I plan to take the MCAT after a semester of paid experience. After listening to the podcast, I realize that it looks like I am just “checking boxes.” So if anyone would be so kind to respond with any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi, it seems as if you are keeping very busy and really ramping up for medical school. That is great. A good strategy is to meet with a a pre-health advisor to really sort out your timeline and help gain access to experiences, internships and lab experience. There is no better way to see if you are “checking boxes” then meeting with a pre-health advisor to see if you are on the right track. Asking for letters of evaluation help raise a lower gpa as you indicated. Once you are ready to begin your MCAT prep, our MCAT instructors are highly experienced and can help you ace the exam!

There is no better way to see if you are rnships and lab experien