Washington D.C. area info help requested

Hello all. I am attending a radiology-pathology class at Walter Reed Medical Center. I am staying at a place called Hastings Court at 2130 N Street NW. It is approx 4 blocks southwest of Dupont circle, 1.5 blocks west of New Hampshire Ave NW and 4 blocks north of GWU.
Does anyone know what type of neighborhood this is? I booked this apartment over the internet and was told it was near Georgetown (I checked the map, it’s almost 4 miles away); however, it was the least expensive place I could fine within D.C. Will it be tough to do sight seeing from this location? How about shopping?
Thanks for all your responses.

I grew up in Washington,DC-- and I can tell you that you have a great location. You are well within walking distance of the Smithsonian, White House, National Mall, and Georgetown (1 mile barely, not 4!) Just walk downtown one block on 22d or 23rd and turn right on M St. You will walk past a bunch of kind of expense-acct type hotels, then over Rock Creek, and you’ll be in Georgetown. I think you’ll like the Dupont Circle area better than G’town anyway-- much less crowded, greener, with better shops to see and better eats.

What kind of shopping do you want to do?
I live in DC (and go to Georgetown) and never go to GTown unless I have class – for the record, the four miles away may be considered close to some so that wasn’t an outright lie.
I echo the thoughts on Dupont Circle. You will also be close to U Street and Adams Morgan – both great areas for food and nightlife. I am a big fan of 18th street (Adams Morgan).
You should also be near some metros and will be able to get around. I am not a big fan of DC shopping but Union Station has some shops that are decent (on the red line, which runs to Dupont). All in all, sounds like a good area.
When are you going to be there?

Hi there,
Your key to shopping and sightseeing is Metrorail. Find out which metro is your closest. You are probably closest to Red line Dupont Circle. From there, you can go practically anywhere that you need to.
Georgetown: Does not have a metro stop but get off at Foggy Bottom/GWU. Get a bus transfer before you leave the station and get on any of the 3- buses that say Friendship Heights, Bethesda. They will take you straight to Georgetown. Even better, get a bus map at the station 32, 34, 36 busses.
For Air and Space Museum: Take the Red line to Gallery Place and transfer to Green/Yellow line. Go to L’Enfant Plaza. This is directly across the street from the Air and Space Museum. Air and Space has an IMAX theatre in addition to Captain Kirk’s chair from the Enterprise bridge and the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury space vehicles.
Union Station: Take the Red line to Union Station and you can get a trolly tour that will take you to Mount Vernon. One of my guests favorites is the DC Ducks tour where an amphibious vehicle will take you along the Potomac to all of the sights. You will be on part water and part land.
There is a shuttle that takes you to Arlington Cemetary, Mount Vernon and all of the sights on the Mall. You pay about $20 and you get on and off all day. You can do the same by rounting yourself by Metro for $5 a day beginning after 9:30 am.
The Shops at Fashion Court: good shopping area in Virginia which has less sales tax than DC. Ballston is also a great shopping mall. Other good malls are White Flint in Maryland. All are served by Metro rail.
The best shopping area to me is Tysons Corner. This is a bus ride from West Falls Church Metro. Every store known to man is at Tysons I or II. Again, you have to get a bus transfer when you leave the metro station.
There are shops in National Airport too. I have been able to get some great stuff on sales there. There is a great Easy Spirit store. There are restaurants too. Again, National Airport is on the Blue/Yellow lines of the Metro.
If you want to tour Capitol Hill: Capitol South Metro station and Eastern Market Metro stations. Don’t go any further or you will find yourself in the middle of the ghetto. Union Station is on the other side of the Capitol too. There are great bars and shops on Capitol Hill and Saturdays/Sundays at Eastern Market is the best.
Rosslyn, Court House and Clarenden have great shops and restaurants. Clarenden has the Little Saigon area with the best Vietnamese food in the area. Rosslyn has great a great pastry shop and restaurants (Matuba for sushi). Court House lets you out near Four Provences and some great coffee shops.
Dupont Circle has great nightlife bars and clubs both straight and gay. I still love to dance at Badlands (a gay club off P Street Beach).
Any neighborhood in DC can be dangerous if you don’t know the area. You are better to hail a cab and ride Metro rail until you learn the bus system. Don’t walk alone at night and don’t carry large sums of money. DC is an urban area and you need to keep your wits about you.
I went to Howard University which is in the Shaw neighborhood (one of the rougher areas). I never felt unsafe but I was mugged on the campus of GWU in Foggy Bottom (one of the more expensive neighborhoods). You just need to be aware of your surroundings as in any city.
Good luck and enjoy DC
Alas, I really miss DC even though Cleveland is pretty neat too.
You can go to this website: Metro Bus and Rail