Washington DC

Greetings Everyone!

I studied Philosophy as an undergrad at a really small school down South because I was inspired to no end by my classics professor. I did well. I didn’t publish anything, but I devoured those things that interested me. I graduated in 2005 with a 3.9 GPA, taking some basic science courses. I bounced around for a couple years, mostly beach bumming in Florida and enjoying the gifts of youth.

I debated heavily about grad school but then ended up joining the Peace Corps and living in the woods in Northern Zambia for a couple years, working with food security programs and HIV/AIDS education. I never once considered medicine at any point. Then I took a tour of a “third-world” hospital. BOOM: I was positively heart broken. The seed was planted. My initial plan was to go to grad school and live a nice, reflective life, pursuing philosophy, math and physics because I REALLY, REALLY am that interested in values, logic, intuition and reality. But it seems like when you know your meant to do something, you KNOW.

I will have been back in the states for 1 year in a month and 2 days. I spent my time down South studying math, saving money and debating endlessly with myself. Is it pointless to do this at the age of 27(28 in August)? Why do I want this? I’m still set up to take the LSAT in a few months, but, plainly, I can give a billion and three reasons why I want to study medicine. I can’t give one (aside from money) why I’d want to study law.

I’m intending to begin the Post-Bac at either Georgetown or American University in the fall. Is there anybody on this forum with some jewels of wisdom about those schools? Anybody working on a post-bac in the area? Thanks.



Welcome aboard. There have been some posts about the SMP at Georgetown, but there is also a similar program at Gaucher college and University of Mayland has Science in the Evening, a less structured post bac program with advising support. Oh, 27-28 is very young around here. Go For It!

I just got into the Georgetown post-bacc program to start in the summer and am looking for people’s thoughts on it:) Still trying to make up my mind about law school as I am very scared about being too old.I am also 27 (28 in December).

Topher - on the law front, having just worked for two years as a trainee solicitor in London at a very big international law firm (essentially a junior lawyer in US parlance), I would not recommend law. Almost all of my friends are lawyers and none of them really likes it. Most people do it initially for the money and then just get stuck doing it forever as they get stuck on the money.

Good luck on the LSATs though!