Wasting my time? Advice on secondaries?

I’m an applicant in this cycle, just submitted my AMCAS and the secondaries are starting to come in. Here’s my rundown:

MCAT: 31R (12PS,11VR,8BS)

sGPA: 3.9

cGPA: 3.7

Four years of work experience in business before doing a post-bacc. Also have 2 years of lab work (one publication in the works), and many years of volunteering.

I’ve gotten a few auto-secondaries from schools such as Boston and U of Chicago. I wonder if it’s even worth my time/money submitting secondaries to these type of schools with an 8 in Bio… seeing as it’s not even close to their class averages. And seeing that they receive ~10,000 applications for around 100 spots.

I’m a NY resident, but applying fairly broadly. Will my 8 in Bio hold up anywhere? Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this? I’m scheduled to retake the Sept 12th exam, and would REALLY like to avoid retaking it, but it seems essential at this point.

Lets see you have a 31 overall, you have a science GPA of 3.9, you have worked hard for years to get here and now you have a moment of FUD: fear uncertainty and doubt. One of my favorite quotes, which I have shamelessly stolen from Judy Colwell “if you don’t ask, they can’t say yes.” Basically, the odds are against us all. I heard it best described as if you apply, you are taking a long-shot chance. If you don’t fill out the secondaries, there is no chance, you’ll lose. How many ways can I say it?

Personally I think much more time, energy, and other resources are wasted in WORRYING about what you should do instead of just DOING IT!

So get your out of FUD head, get those freaking secondaries completed , and get them in…

This has been a public service announcement.

Along with agreeing with gonnif… I’m not sure I’d advise re-taking the MCAT. You’re a lot more likely to lower your PS and VR than raise your BS score.


I assume that you are getting secondaries because you applied to the schools. You have gotten thus far, why not complete the task? I suggest you complete the secondaries and prepare for interviews. Look at your accomplishment, it is much more than a biology score of 8. Donot let this deter you, fight on…

I’d agree with everything stated above. Yeah, there’s fear, and a fear of rejection. But don’t let the fear make your decisions for you. You’ve brought yourself this far, and you are in a position to succeed. Keep at it! Your grades will be enough to get them to at least consider you; after that, your personal statement will attract them; after that, all there is is meeting you in person where you can really sell them on yourself. It’s closer than you think

The best way to view this is that you are not in medical school now. If you get rejected from all everyplace you will still not be in. In other words you will be no worse off than you are now. You can only gain, you only win.

Running behind again while trying to keep up. Sigh.

And Rich and Mary took the words right out of my mouth. :slight_smile: