Weight of PBacc GPA vs Cum?

Please excuse if this issue has been addressed, I haven’t seen much specific info on the topic.

I know that more recent grades are given more weight than older grades (even within a 4 yr degree), and I know that upward trends in grades are also seen positively, but how much does a strong post-bacc GPA (ex 3.8) count in conjunction with an iffy cum GPA (3.2)? Are the post-bacc GPA and science GPA given equal weight if there are almost no science courses (4) in the original degree?

I know extracurriculars are important as well, but as I understood it, GPA’s and MCAT place you within a certain range that extracurricular’s will make you fluctuate within.

I ask because I am essentially going through this process alone, with only the FUD monster for company and despite a strong postbacc showing, I feel like my cum GPA and need to work FT during MCAT prep will just be too much for my app to overcome. I’m eyeing a test date of June with the SN2 study plan, but originally picked that date since earlier is better.

Anyone else ever feel like they’d give a million dollars (or even more valuably, a million flashcards) for an ounce of confidence that their timing and plans were the best strategy?

I think the answer to this unfortunately is “it depends.” Each medical school looks at, and weighs, post-bacc differently. Just as each school weighs multiple MCAT scores differently.

gpa is sliced in several ways. your original UG will be broken into science (BCPM) & all other (AO). Your PB will be broken down the same way. additionally you will get a science and non science combined for all UG (including PB). so if u have no science in ur original UG, you cum science gpa w/PB will be high.

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